Thursday, March 10, 2011

Designer Rings

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The circle shape has prevailed in nature since time began. Our planet is round. Our sun is round. Trees have rings that mark their age. Blood platelets are round. The iris of the human eye is round. Likewise, we live in circular and repeating cycles of time marked by hours, months, and seasons. Is it any wonder that our art forms would manifest in one of the most significant shapes found in nature, the ring? There is no better tool with which to draw attention and keep it during communication, than a ring on the moving hand. When it comes to exhibiting art, expressing self, and catching the eye, a designer ring fulfills all requirements! Besides the historical significance of its shape and the effectiveness of its location during communication, a designer ring can speak volumes about the tastes, social standing, financial status and self esteem of its wearer. While many a bargain bought ring can gain fleeting glances, a designer rings originality and its beauty leaves a lasting and positive impression. Its quality never changes over time. It employs only the best resources in gold, silver and gems. It does not imitate because it is the original! What impression will the rings you’re wearing leave, if any? Say it with class, and elegant quality that only a designer ring can express. When you wear designer rings, you cast memories like magic and have a precious conversation piece that lays a clear path for interaction!