Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Satellite TV To Launch A New Film Channel

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Sky Italia has announced to launch a new channel dedicated to local movies in order to keep itself ahead in the Italo dish market.

From July 31st, it will show Italian films from 1940s to 1990’s starting with Luchino Visconti’s “The Leopard”.
This move is the latest chapter in the bitter rivalry between media head Silvio Berlusconi’s Mediaset and Rupert Murdoch’s Sky. This comes just before the launch of joint RAI-Mediaset-La7 TivuSat satellite platform which is also scheduled on 31st July.

TivuSat, Dish TV provider will target 15-20 percent Italian households in the mountainous areas. People living in this area will not receive digital terrestrial television when the analog television is switched off in the year 2012. The satellite TV is seen as a revolutionary platform. Some observers say that Sky Italia is worried about the rumors that Medusa, the major Italo content producer and film distributor owned by Mediaset might no longer deal with Murdock broadcaster. And by the end of this month, Sky Italia will learn if pubcaster RAI is to block the broadcast of its terrestrial channels on sky satellite dishes.

Analyst Alessandro Bai-Badino of Deutsche Bank quoted that everyone seems to against Sky at the moment. It is almost creating a nuisance in reference to its attacks on the Berlusconi government decision to raise VAT on the subscription of satellite TV. The new channels of Sky would help boost the profile of Italian Cinema. Film personality Nanni Moretti said that as a viewer and a film buff he would like to thank Sky for bringing in a new film channel.


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