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Fashion Jewelry

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Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry is worn by Hollywood stars and Celebrities, which drive today's hottest fashions. Hollywood stars wear the most glamorous jewelry and accessories. Most of us don't have the status or money to afford these exact styles. That's where we come in! We have the most affordable selection of Costume Jewelry. You will feel and look like a Hollywood Celebrity without breaking the bank. Choose your favorite Tano Jewelry accessory and make it your own! Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Necklaces
Fashion Necklaces can be the centerpiece of your entire outfit. Tano offers Gold Necklaces, Silver Necklaces, Celebrity Inspired Necklaces and Shell Necklaces. Find a fashion necklace compliment your favorite pair of jeans and white v-neck t-shirt. Fashion Necklace

Bangle Bracelets
Bangle Bracelets are fun, stylish and a hot trend in 2008. Metal Cuff Bracelets have been in high demand lately and we know why. Metal fashion bracelets are chic and edgy. Cuff Bracelets are flexible to fit all wrists or forearms. With price points of $8-10, you can't go wrong. Find your new favorite fashion bracelet today. Looking for the perfect bangle bracelet? Tano offers beautiful hand made wood bangles and celebrity bracelets. Fashion Bracelets

Thread Earrings
Thread Teardrop Earrings are the hottest fashion earring style available. Thread Earrings are currently being featured the homepage of Victoria Secret and in their magazine. If you are looking for Victoria Secret earrings, you have found the place. Tano has all *new* thread earring colors, sizes and designs to choose from. Thread or String earrings are made with a silver wire border and woven threads in a teardrop shape that adds elegance and style to your everyday outfits. Don't miss your opportunity to own a pair of these fabulous fashion earrings. Thread Earrings

Fashion Jewelry Sets
Fashion Jewelry Sets give you a stunning look on every occasion. Tano Jewelry brings you the hottest fashions in Fashion Necklace and Fashion Earring sets. Whether it's looking hot for the club or dressing up for a formal event we have the accessories you need. Let yourself go, be the Celebrity at your event and walk the red carpet in the set that's right for you.

Why spend $100's of dollars on a precious metal jewelry set when a Fashion Jewelry Set on TanoJewelry.com costs less than $25. We carry the latest styles of fashion jewelry sets, which include a gorgeous Necklace and matching Earrings. We carry Jewelry Sets to suit all body sizes. Whether you look good in long and short lengths, thin or layered necklaces, find your perfect set now. One of our bestselling fashion jewelry sets is the Jacolyn. This set is a classic combination of a Turquoise and Gold colored layered necklace with a captivating Turquoise earring set. This set makes the perfect gift and is sure to be adored by its new owner.

Celebrity Jewelry
Celebrity Jewelry styles change constantly with designer fashions and celebrity trends. Media often dictates what's hot and what's not, but these trends are ultimately driven by the runways and designers. We keep an ear to the fashion industry streets to make sure we carry the celebrity jewelry with the longest fashion staying power. We love trends and it is our life to stay on top of the latest celebrity fashions, but some trends just aren't meant to last. We want our loyal customers to have affordable, quality celebrity imitation jewelry that will be in style and fun for as long as possible.

The days of spending hundreds of dollars in order to look and feel beautiful are over. Fashion Jewelry is now one of the largest niches in the jewelry industry and with an increase in demand comes an increase in production. This is great news for all the girls out there looking to stay stylish with the latest trends in fashion jewelry. The quality of fashion jewelry has increased and there are more unique styles than ever to choose from. Celebrity replica jewelry combines elegance, quality and affordability. Forget the misnomers you may have and find a pair of celebrity earrings or a celebrity inspired bracelet.

All of our Celebrity Necklaces, including: gold necklaces, silver necklaces and shell necklaces are under $22. Designer jewelry boutiques and stores such as Anthropologie sell an identical gold ring necklace to our Rachel Gold Ring Necklace for $75. All our glamorous gold ring necklaces cost $12 - $15. You can have the same celebrity look as Jessica Simpson for a much more affordable price. Celebrity fashions are fun, chic and glamarous. Check out the latest in Paris Hilton Fashion

Now you can stock up on all of the season’s hottest trends for a fraction of the cost of those designer fashion jewelry pieces. With tons of styles to choose from in a variety of different colors, you’ve never have so many options at such great prices! Do you love Paris Hilton's sexy style? Want to grab Heidi Klum's casual-chic fashion? Now you can with celebrity inspired fashion jewelry pieces. Paris Hilton loves to wear the basic black headbands in a variety of styles because they're so chic and versatile. They'll compliment any outfit in your closet, whether it's your favorite pair of jeans, or standard office attire. They're the easiest and most affordable way to take an outfit from drab to fab in seconds flat. You can also try Heidi Klum's signature jewelry collection featuring clovers to compliment your casual weekend wear. The supermodel and reality TV star designs a high-end line of fashion jewelry, but if you can't pay the high-end prices, you don't have to worry because you can replicate Heidi Klum's style right here at a fraction of the cost. Every piece of fashion jewelry you get will always look just as good as though high-end pieces, except you won't have to break the bank to get it. Stock up now and save big on all of this season's hottest items.


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